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The Laboratory of Physics has the dual mission of: (a) training the undergraduate students of our School in a series of educational experiments, in accordance to the course of Physics, taught in the first and second semester, and (b) providing the environment and equipment to the lab members and collaborators to conduct research in the broad areas of General (Classical) Physics, and Condensed Matter Physics – Materials Science. The lab is located in the New Buildings of our School. Members

  1. Kechrakos Dimitris, Professor, Director of Physics Lab
  2. Sideris Efstathios, Emeritus Professor
  3. Moutis Nikolaos, Assistant Professor
  4. Marathos Kyriakos, Technical Staff

 Web: https://physlab.edu.aspete.gr Contact:  +30-210-2896705 Email: physlab@aspete.gr