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Educational Labs

The Department of Education has the following laboratories:

  • In the laboratory of Pedagogical Applications and Educational Technology-Multimedia and in the laboratory of Distance Education with Digital Technologies the courses taught are:
    – Educational Technology – Multimedia
    – Pedagogical Computer Applications
    – Adult Education and Distance Education with digital technologies
  • In the Physics laboratory, students perform a series of hands-on educational experiments per semester, which are selected from the thematic areas of the respective theoretical course: Mechanics, Heat, Oscillations-Waves, Electromagnetism, Optics, Modern Physics (Blackbody, Photoelectric Effect, Radioactivity).
    Web: https://edu.aspete/en/physics_lab
  • In the Mathematics laboratory, students practice the use of symbolic algebra software (Maple, Octave) to solve mathematical problems that are part of the material of the theoretical courses Mathematics I & II.
  • The laboratory part of the course Chemistry & Materials Technology is taught in the Chemistry laboratory. Students practice the basic principles of Solution Chemistry in accordance with the theoretical course.