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Ανθρώπινο Δυναμικό

Vaikoussi Danae-Meropi


Department of Education,
School of Pedagogical and Technological Education

e-mail: dvaik-at-aspete.gr


  • 1994: PhD in Pedagogical Sciences. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, PTN. (Degree grade Excellent).
  • 1982: B.Sc. in Political Sciences of Panteion University. (Degree grade 8.4).
  • 1985: Degree in Pedagogical Academy of Mytilene. (Degree grade 8.38)

Scientific Interests:

  • Group Dynamics, Communication and Interpersonal Relationships, Classroom Management, Person-Centered Counseling, Systemic Counseling, Teacher/Trainers’ Training, Teaching Methodology of Adult Education,Lifelong Learning.

Educational Work in Higher Education

  • Since 1997 Professor of ASPETE / Patras Branch.
    Courses taught:
  1. “Counseling in Lifelong Development”,
  2. “Educational Evaluation”,
  3. “Counselling and Vocational Guidance”,
  4. “Developmental Psychology”.

Selected Publications

  1. Faliaga Ε., Tsakalidis, Α. & Vaikousi, D. (2011). Teenagers’ Use of Social Network Websites and Privacy Concerns: A Survey. Στο Informatics (PCI), pp. 207 – 211.
  2. Delibeis, G. & Vaikousi, D. (2012). The phenomenon of bullying in the Greek school today. Posted a paper at the 4th Panhellenic Congress of Counseling Psychology:”The role of counseling psychology in crisis conditions, Thessaloniki.
  3. Koliofoti, E., Lykokanellos, G., Vaikousi, D. & Davrazos, G. (2014). Study of Internet addiction in Post-secondary and Tertiary Education Students. In proceedings of the5th Panhellenic Congress of Counselling Psychology: Counseling Psychology: Current trends, future orientations 6-9 November, 2014. Patras.
  4. Philippou, Th. & Vaikousi, D. (2014). Empirical research on the evaluation of teachers’ training process in the framework of the program Utilization of asynchronous and distance learning techniques through the moodlee-learning environment» Presentation at the conference:”Education in the age of TEE”, 22-23 November, 2014, Athens (ISBN 978-960-99435-6-7(eBook/pdf).
  5. Vergidis, D. & Vaikousi, D. (2014). The influence of the critical approach on the development of adult education in Greece. In D. Andritsakou & L. West (Εds), What’s the point of transformative learning? , Proceedings of 1st Conference of ESREA’s Network «Interrogating Transformative Processes in Learning and Education: An International Dialogue», 27-29 June 2014 Athens-Greece: ESREA & Hellenic Adult Education Association, pp. 114-125.
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