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Ανθρώπινο Δυναμικό

Kounenou Κalliopie


Department of Education
School of Pedagogical & Technological Education (ASPETE)

e-mail: kkounen-at-aspete.gr


  • 1993: B.Sc. in Psychology, Psychology Department, University of Crete
  • 1995: M.Sc. in Psychology, Psychology Department, City University, London UK
  • 2004: Ph.D. in Psychology, Department of Elementary Education, Aegean University.
  • Title of Ph.D. Dissertation: The impact of children’s diabetes mellitus type 1 on family


  • Factors affecting career development, career maturity, career decision- making ability
  • Family issues and their impact on individual’s personal, social and career development
  • Personality and Individual Differences, Development of new psychometric instruments
  • Teacher education and ICT
  • Adolescence, new adulthood and web & social networking


  • Personality theories (University of Athens, 2006 -2010)
  • Counselling Psychology & Career Guidance (ASPETE, 2006 -2011)
  • Counselling people with special needs (ASPETE, 2006 -2007)
  • Counselling people with psychosocial problems (ASPETE, 2006 -2010)
  • Counselling & Guidance in Education (MA in Education, ASPETE-University of Roehampton, London, 2008-2010)

Selected Publications

  1. Kounenou, K. (2010). Family Counselling & Therapy. Models, New family types, Family-Work. Athens: Papazisi Publ. (in Greek)
  2. Koumoundourou,G., Kounenou, K., Siavara, E. (accepted for publication). Core Self-Evaluations, Career Decision Self-Efficacy, and Vocational Identity among Greek Adolescents. Journal of Career Development.
  3. Kounenou, K., Koutra, Aik., Katsiadrami, A., & Diakogianis, G. (in press/2011). An epidemiological study of university students’ mental health. Journal of College Student Development
  4. Koumoundourou, G., Tsaousis, I., & Kounenou, K. (in press/1st issue 2011). Parental influences on Greek adolescents career decision making difficulties: The mediating role of Core-Self Evaluations. Journal of Career Assessment.
  5. Tsamparli, A., & Kounenou, K. (2004). The Greek family system when a child has diabetes mellitus type . Acta Paediatrica, 12(93), 1646-53.
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