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Ανθρώπινο Δυναμικό

Klada Nektaria


Department of Education
School of Pedagogical &Technological Education (ASPETE)

e-mail: nklada-at-aspete.gr


  • 1999: Master of the University of Athens «Theory of Teaching and Evaluation», grade 9,18
  • 1995: Graduate of the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens grade: 8,2
  • 1.3.94 – 1.6.94: Programme of ERASMUS at the University of UDINE

Scientific Interests

  • Research in Teacher Training methods
  • Teaching and Evaluation in the education.
  • Teaching methods and investigation.
  • Curriculum programs.

Educational Project in Higher Education

  • Microteaching training  (Α.S.PE.T.E., 2002-)
  • Educational Evaluation (A.S.PE.T.E.,., 1999 – 2004)
  • Educational Research (A.S.PE.T.E.,., 1999 – 2004)
  • Greek Secretariat and Drafting of documents (Α.S.PE.T.E.,, 1999 – 2004)Επιλεγμένες Δημοσιεύσεις

Selected Publications

  1. November 2021: Εισήγηση με θέμα: «The context of Distance Education and Distance Learning through the Aspects of Secondary and University Students as experienced in a time of pandemic», 11ο International Conference for Open and Distance Education from Greek Open University, and International Magazine : OPEN EDUCATION –The Journal for Open & Distance Education & Educational Development.
  2. May2017: «The effectiveness of Micro – teaching in teacher education », 3ο Conference of ASPETE of Athens.
  3. June 2015: “Ways to “initiate” the modern citizen in the process of Lifelong Learning”,
  4. October 2014: “The utilization of micro-teaching in ASPAITE and the application of modern teaching methods” 13ο Conference of PEK Cyprus, University of Cyprus.
  5. May 2012: “Approaching Lifelong Learning: Adult Characteristics and Techniques of Quality Quality Lifelong Learning” at the Pan- hellenic conference  with International participation, organized by the Pedagogical Department of Education.
  6. December 2009: “Objectives, Principles and Methodology of Lifelong Learning “, 1st Scientific Conference of ASPETE of Athens.