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Members of the Lab are teaching staff in Universities,, researchers(with PhD), PhD students, experienced teachers and students.

Our goals and objectives aim  to advance and maintain  basic research in both theoretical/epistemological and applications in STEAM Education.

Problems faced are interdisciplinary at the intersection of the cognitive areas included in the acronym of STEAM while applications span many components of STEAM education such as :

  1. Various aspects of Engineering Pedagogy and theoretical considerations for STEAM education
  2. Robotics (Arduino, Raspberry, Microbit etc) in education
  3. Research aspects for University Pedagogy in alignment with the STEAM epistemological perspectives
  4. The production of hardware and software material-and its evaluation- for research and educational purposes for educational and social purposes in alignment with the responsible research and the needs of special groups(gender issues, immigrants etc)
  5. The cooperation with research centers, scientists and communities of practices with common interests
  6. The organization of conferences and training actions as well as the publishing of educational and scientific material
  7. The participation in National and European and International projects


Professor Sarantos Psycharis
Email: spsycharis at aspete.grspsycharis@gmail.com
Tel: 2102896714, 6977681075